About London Film Festival


The London Film Festival, officially called the BFI London Film Festival is organised annually by the British Film Institute (BFI) since 1953. It is the UK’s largest public Festival of its kind and is visited by thousands of film enthusiasts who have the the ability to see over 300 films, documentaries and shorts from all over the world.

The Festival is run in the second half of October and shows the most exciting and original films by internationally established film-makers as well as the emerging ones, while the Festival’s visitors also have the ability to see restored archive films. With each year, the London Film Festival also attracts more and more celebrities from the world of motion pictures, some of which take part of the answers and questions sessions. These enable the visitors of the Festival to learn more about the screened films and the art of film making.

London Film Festival Awards

The London Film Festival is above all a public event and it is intended to enable the British public to see films that otherwise may not be seen in the British cinemas. But it also awards the most original and creative film-makers. Four types of awards are presented annually:

The London Film Festival also recognises achievements and work of prominent individuals by awarding them the title of the BFI Fellowship. This award, however, is not presented every year. The honour of the BFI Fellowship may also be awarded to more than one individual. In 1983, when the BFI Fellowship was awarded for the first time there were as many as six recipients of the title.

London Film Festival’s Place among Notable Film Festivals

The London Film Festival cannot rival film festivals such as those held in Cannes and Venice which can partly be attributed to the fact that it was established relatively late. Venice Film Festival for instance is held since 1932 which makes it the world’s oldest international film festival. But London Film Festival is gaining rapidly in prestige and importance as well which also indicate the growing number of film celebrities that can be seen on the red carpet each year.

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